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Thirdspace Somatics is a project that continues to bloom in new ways. It is my private practice and it is also an ever unfolding collaborative effort to widen the scope and reach of somatic theory and practice.  

I am interested in exploring how the social world shapes our bodies and beliefs, and how somatic awareness and practice can open up possibilities for us to shape it back, perhaps into configurations that are more in alignment with justice, desire, and liberation. As a trans person I see bodies as sites of change and potential. Healing and change-making are fused together, the personal and the political, the individual and the social, body and environment.


I offer coaching and bodywork for queers, artists, change-makers, and anyone else who is interested in body-based healing and growth.  My client work focuses on embodied transformation, skill-building, and creating change in your own life and relationships, mostly centered in the lineage of Strozzi Somatics and generative somatics. 


I also offer workshops and collective healing groups aimed at exploring the social, political, and otherwise obscured forces that shape our bodies, movement patterns, and ways of relating.

My work also includes an ongoing collaborative audio project : What a Body Can Do, available on Spotify or wherever podcasts live. 

And lastly, I've put together a continually growing library of embodiment practices for deepening your somatic and social awareness.  Listen and practice HERE

<3  Zoë 

Training and experience 


(ongoing) Supervision, practice, and continued education through the gsPN

(2018) Certified Somatic Coach // Strozzi Institute 

(2017) Somatic Bodyworker // trained by generative somatics and Strozzi Institute

(2011) Licensed Massage Therapist // Florida School of Massage

(2019) M.A. in Embodiment Studies // Goddard College

~~~ M.A. Thesis // Bodies, Ideology, and Collective Power 

(2017) B.A. in Health Arts and Sciences // Goddard College 

~~~ B.A. Thesis // Social Bodies: The Shaping of Internal and External Worlds (available as a book)

Currently training in...

CranioSacral Therapy // Upledger Institute

Deep Listening // RPI

Partial training in…

Developmental Somatics // Bodynamic Institute

Relational Somatics // Relational Uprising

Rosen Method Bodywork // Rosen Method


Other relevant experience…


Theater of the Oppressed facilitator // trained in 2016 at Mandala Center for Change 

Peer Support Specialist 2015-2017 // Gainesville Peer Respite // Intentional Peer Support


 Organizer and group facilitator 2010-2013 // Gainesville Icarus Project

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