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Welcome to the Portal! 

With so many online platforms and possibilities, I'm honored you've landed here and chosen this space as your practice space. Though this is a mostly self-guided portal, I'm hoping to make this experience as communal and relational as possible - within the constraints of the virtual. 

Some options for relational practice are...


-The monthly practice group. The group is free for you, but please do still register so that I know you're coming and so you get the join link. 

You can learn more and register HERE

-Book a one on one session with me to get more personalized coaching around your embodiment practice and goals. 

 Deep Dive memberships include two 30-min sessions per month. 

You can use the menu tabs on my homepage to navigate the portal, or access the pages below. Please reach out with any questions, needs, suggestions, or just to say hi.

<3 Zoë

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