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Ways to Practice

Dig into the rich soil of somatic thinking. 

Listen with your body. 

Feel the world around you. 

We start by practicing a better world now,

embodying change now,

trusting that it will take seed. 


Audio explorations of the body in the social world. Sonically rich audio essays exploring how bodies take their shape, and how embodiment shapes the world.


What if we still don't know all of the wild things that a body can do?

Workshops and Practice Groups

Ongoing practice groups and workshops for collective healing and social change. Playful and purposeful practice, to live more fully in our bodies and collectively create the world we want.

Practice Library

A library of somatic practices designed to support a deeper embodied and social awareness.

Mini-lectures explaining the relevance, philosophy, and lineage of each practice. 

New practices and mini-lectures added occasionally.

Coaching and Bodywork


somatic coaching

and bodywork

offered in Gainesville, FL. 

More info on the

home page

Why join the learning community?

My intention in curating this virtual space is...

-to make somatic work more accessible, both financially and geographically 

-to move towards more collective somatics

-to cultivate a space where the "why" can live alongside the "how"

 It's really important to me to include a theoretical framework for embodiment practices, and to politicize the approaches we choose. Our bodies are "produced" by the practices we are engaged in, and we are always practicing something. To me, embodiment practices are not just for personal development, but for the collective creation of new possibilities and ways of being in the world. 

  -to practice new ways of being in our bodies, and new ways of being in the world

The practice library includes two sections: BODY and WORLD. Starting internal and reaching our attention outward, building a somatic, spatial, spiritual, and social awareness 

*This offering is not a substitute for therapy or other kinds of deep transformation work

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