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2-4pm // $25

In this workshop Zoë will lead you through a series of individual and collective movements and practices designed to increase awareness of emotional holding patterns and open toward more aliveness and connection. 

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10-Week Somatic Practice Group 

Beginning September 7th, 2022

Wednesdays at 5pm

registration closed.

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There are stories of despair circulating as rapidly as the air around us, sometimes we feel these stories more than we feel the breeze. It makes sense that we would tune out, shut down, block the feelings that are too much. And yet in doing so we make it harder to feel the wild joy of being alive, of being in our bodies. We lose touch with ourselves, and with the world around us. What does it mean to be fully alive in this political and ecological moment? 


These stories shape our sense of self and what we think, believe and feel is possible; they become embedded in our muscles and tissues.


What possibilities would open up if we could feel into our hopes and desires, as well as our grief? During this 10 weeks, participants will be guided through a series of individual, partnered, and group somatic practices, designed to move us beyond the embodied patterns that keep us constricted and towards more life, more connection, and more possibility. This group is open to anyone interested in somatic practice, and it will center the experience of queer and trans folks, change-makers, and cultural worker navigating the complexities of this political moment.  

**Note that this is not a therapy group nor an adequate substitute for therapy. It is an introduction to embodied practice for the sake of healing the impacts of trauma and oppression. Feel free to set up a free consultation ( with me if you would like to discuss whether the group will be a good fit for you. 

What to expect: 

  • individual and group practices to deepen connection to your body and sensations ​

  • practices to deepen connection to others​

  • a deeper sense of what has shaped your habits, beliefs, and triggers​

  • support to access a wider emotional range and more aliveness

  • practices of responding from a grounded, centered place, even while under pressure

  • re-establishing an internal sense of safety, dignity, and belonging ​

  • and lots of playfulness

Facilitated by Zoë (she/her), a white queer trans woman living in Gainesville, FL on Seminole land. This group is open to all and will center the experience of queer and trans bodies.

On Zoom, sessions are 1.5 hrs weekly 

$600 sliding scale

payment plans available

Opportunity to join the Level 2 Practice Group (below) for ongoing support and practice





Weekly Practice Group 

Tuesdays at 7:30pm

This group is for those who have worked with me (Zoë) in the past and for those who have equivalent experience within the generative somatics or Strozzi Institute methodology. 


This group meets weekly to practice, move, deepen, and heal together as a collective body. It is a practice space for ongoing depth and exploration as somatic bodies living under the current conditions. The sessions are shaped by the group and by what is alive and needed within the collective.  Session content is intended to serve each person's needs as much as possible while holding the needs of the group as a whole. 





Coming Back To Ourselves and Each Other

a somatic healing group for white identified social change organizers and cultural workers

During this 11 week healing arc, we will work through the body to become aware of and heal contractions shaped by oppression, whiteness, and social conditioning, and work to support you to embody what you most care about-  even under the pressure of this political moment.

By recognizing and exploring how your body is shaped to survive we are clued into what new skills need to be developed and what needs to heal through the body to find more freedom, choice, and empowerment for ourselves and for how we show up in our communities.

By focusing on the ‘how’ we remind ourselves and each other that there is a path forward, toward collective liberation and transformation.

Starting in February of 2022, learn more here 


September 24th at Kardiya Yoga in Gainesville, FL