Workshop Instructions:

This is for trans and gender variant people who would like to dive deeper into understanding and working with their dysphoria. We hope the workshop can act as a stable frame to explore these topics, but we recognize this is very intense work so please take care of yourself. You can always pause the workshop and come back, or stop it. Ideally it would be great to practice in small groups for discussion afterwards, but it can also be practiced alone. Find yourself in a quiet room, in comfortable clothes; there will be minimal movement, but during practices we will suggest you change position (sitting/standing/laying) occasionally.

Dysphoric Feelings/ Euphoric Bodies 

An audio workshop by Rusti Mae and Clay AD, sounds by Kai Merke


Made possible by Heavy Breathing

In this experiential audio workshop Clay (They/Them) and Rusti Mae (She/They), friends and somatic bodyworkers, use their own bodies and experiences as a form of collaborative research, attempting to understand this thing called Dysphoria. This inquiry began when Clay was unable to find resources on this topic and invited Rusti to explore dysphoria somatically together, both from the perspective of being trans and experiencing dysphoria themselves and working with trans and gender variant clients in their respective practices.

Starting from embodied research, they asked themselves questions such as, "How would you describe or give language to what happens in your body/mind when you experience gender dysphoria?”, and “Is it always useful and strategic to be embodied when you’re experiencing dysphoria?”


In exploring the ways that dysphoria is both a social phenomenon and an individualized felt sense that differs for different bodies, a tool kit of body practices emerged to begin to unravel the boundaries and fault lines of gender dysphoria’s tangled relationship between self and other. Clay and Rusti found themselves in a messy cosmos outside of patholozation, where the body’s knowledge innately holds physicality, politics, autonomy and ancestors.

Episode 1:

Rusti and Elie explore foundational questions such as: What is possible when we center the body in movements for justice? And, how can we coordinate with other bodies to form stronger collectives? They offer their our own embodied experiences and stories of transformation and lift up generations of powerful grassroots work towards healing and justice.


Ecologies of Freedom, Shapes of Liberation

A podcast by Rusti Mae and Eliana Rubin 

In this podcast series, we discuss the ways our bodies and communities are shaped by political, social, and ecological forces and we reflect on the kind of transformation that is possible through somatic practice. bodyScapes brings emergent ideas rooted in an anti-colonial discourse of healing connections with ourselves, each other, our ancestors, and the land. Our embodiment can become an act of resistance.




Studio 34

4522 Baltimore Avenue 

Philadelphia, PA

Remote sessions also available through Zoom


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