Living in alignment 

with what matters  





Somatic Coaching 

Shifting old patterns, creating new possibilities. 

Somatic Coaching involves a combination of somatic awareness practices, bodywork, and conversation to help you define your intentions, identify what is holding you back, and build the capacity to move forward. 

Somatics allow us to bring habitual, non-conscious ways of being into conscious awareness in order to heal and shift old stories that live deep in the tissues. Using the body as a site of practice, we can re-build capacities for trust, connection, embodied boundaries, etc., and live more fully aligned with our desires, dreams, and values.


We will work together with your body’s wisdom to help you:​​​

  • Recognize how social conditions and life experiences have shaped your sense of self and world

  • Use movement and practice to build embodiment skills

  • Become more attuned to your sensations, desires, and inherent resilience

  • Grow your capacity to be in mutual connection 

  • Re-build an internal sense of safety, boundaries, and trust

  • Deepen intimacy in your relationships

  • Connect to a sense of purpose

  • Heal, transform, and build the embodied skills you need to move toward your desires and goals. 

Somatic coaching is a highly participatory process that will include daily practices and homework in between sessions. 



Body-centered, trauma-informed coaching for  the queer and trans community, as well as artists, activists and change-makers. Transform the embodied habits and beliefs that keep you from bringing your full self into your work and relationships.  


Somatic bodywork to support the release of emotional tension patterns, and deepen 

connection to self.


Massage therapy also available. 


Through audio-based collaborations 

and artistic practice 

I explore the

embodied beliefs and social constructs that shape our collective lives. Always looking for lines of flight. 


Collective practice. Experimental movements.

Becoming bodies together.


Ways of seeing differently.

Queer orientations. 



What do you want to let go of?

​Somatic Bodywork

We are shaped by our life experiences. Literally. Maybe we habitually make ourselves small to take up less space or puff ourselves up to prove something. Shoulders contract upward in fear and can become heavy with burden and despair. Over time, through repetition, these patterns shape our muscles. Through somatic bodywork we will explore these types of embodied patterns at the muscular-emotional level, and support you to bring more life back into the parts our yourself you may have had to cut off to preserve safety, dignity, or belonging. 

Massage Therapy 

Trauma-informed, queer and trans competent massage therapy using a mix of modalities including Deep Connective Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish relaxation, and somatic techniques. 

Rusti Poulette, LMT since 2011 

License # MSG012556

*Currently unavailable due to COVID